• Our Mission

    Éclat Dance Youth Company was created in September 2014 to serve as a high level supplemental dance training and provide performance opportunities to serious, talented and dedicated young dancers seeking to better prepare themselves to enjoy a successful career in the Professional Dance World or simply to enjoy the various benefits one can obtain through the demanding and ever rewarding discipline of dance.

  • The Company

    For us at Éclat Dance, dance is art, dance is heart…
    Dance is the soul and bond of what we represent. 

    Éclat Dance  is a Pre-Professional Youth Dance Company located in the heart of the beautiful Comox Valley.

    Created to scout, groom and polish the next generation of dancers. We blend high level technique training with passion and artistry combined with modern movements and styles to create strong unique dancers and great creative productions.

    We specialize in Classical Ballet, Neo-Classical and Contemporary and our training is designed to push our students beyond the boundaries of their mind and bodies. We are not just interested in preparing our dancers for the world of professional dance; our aim is to ensure that dance becomes a positive influence in their lives…

    Our dancers perform locally, throughout Canada and Internationally.

    Our dance team has been in the industry for years and possess the required skills and expertise needed to take any dancer to the next level.

    We also provide exclusive workshops and master-classes with top notch Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers to help our members to sharp their technique and artistry.

    Anyone who has a deep passion for dance is welcome to Éclat Dance. Whether you’re an amateur new to the idea of professional dance or an experienced dancer looking to move to the next stage; we are able to adequately meet your needs.