• Monthly Fee:


    Junior Company
    $100 / Month*

    Senior Company
    $ 160 / Month*

     (*) A season is formed from the months of September to June (10 Months) and payment is required for ALL 10 months of the season.

    Costume Fee:

    A $65 dollar Costume Maintenance Fee is to be paid at the moment of the Contract Signing and is the only financial contribution from the dancers towards the costumes they will use for that season.

    Payment Options and Polices:

    * 10 Post dated Cheques must be provided at the Contract Signing Meeting, for the 1st day of each month of the season.

    * Automatic Recurring Billing can be set up for the ones wishing to pay via Credit Card or Paypal.

    * Cash Payments can be made in the FULL  AMOUNT of the year tuition at the beginning of the season or divided into two installments to be paid in September and January.